Office Plants in Profile – Ten of the Best

When it comes to office plants, by now we should all be aware of their beneficial qualities but for those of you that are still not sure office plants have been proven, on numerous occasions, to have a positive impact on employees health, productivity and stress levels.

From a management perspective, office plants not only regulate humidity levels to help you stay in accordance with ‘Duty of Care’ legislation but they can also help to improve the aesthetics of your business premises and create a lasting impression.

With more and more office managers realising the importance of planted office displays a few key plants have been identified and highlighted for their particular qualities. Interior landscapers across the globe all tend to use similar species in their planted office displays for the simple reason that certain species do better in indoor climates.

But how do you know which species are more suitable? The simple answer to this question is that to ensure that the plants you choose are the right ones you should hire a professional office plant supplier. Expert interior landscapers will be able to assess your premises and determine which office plants will best serve your needs. However, outlined below are ten of the best office plants to get you started.

The Areca palm Perhaps one of the most popular office plants to date due to its elegant and graceful leaves and beautiful appearance. The Areca Palm is a very tolerant and versatile office plant that copes well in indoor climates. Particularly good at removing moisture from the air and regulating humidity levels the Areca Palm is an excellent all rounder and is frequently found in planted office displays. Should you liked this article and you want to get details regarding Cay phong thuy implore you to stop by our own webpage.

Ficus Longafolia The Ficus Longfolia is an ideal office plant when you have a large space to fill due its bushy foliage. With long thin leaves this well proportioned plant is a welcome addition to any planted office display and is especially popular with fans of more traditional office plants. Along with its brother the Ficus Benjamina this large plant is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve indoor air quality.

Dracaena Janet Craig Part of the hugely popular Dracaena family the Janet Craig is an extremely popular choice amongst interior landscapers due to its versatility and beautiful foliage. Along with other members of the Dracaena family the Janet Craig is highly sufficient at improving indoor air quality and makes a welcome addition to planted office displays.

Ficus Benjamina The Ficus Benjamina is other wise known as the Weeping Fig and is another member of the highly popular Ficus family. These ideal office plants come in a variety of green shades and are tolerant of the sometimes harsh indoor climate. A reasonably large office plant this particular species is also very popular in showrooms and shopping malls as part of planted displays.

Boston fern The Boston Fern is definitely ‘a golden oldie’ and has been popular as an office plant for many years. Particularly useful for improving humidity levels and removing formaldehyde, an indoor volatile compound produced by modern office equipment. Although this office plant does not produce any flowers it remains in demand and is highly recognisable.

Spathyphyllum Sensation More commonly referred to as the Peace Lily, this beautiful plant is perhaps the most popular of all office plants. Included by almost all interior landscapers the Peace Lily is highly versatile and visually stunning. Having been proven to be particularly good at removing indoor air pollutants including benzene, acetone and formaldehyde this office plant is a must for any planted office display. Spathyphyllum’s have long glossy leaves and a creamy white flower enclosed in a spathe.

Euphorbia Ingens (Cowboy Cactus) This highly popular cacti is ideal if you are looking for an interesting addition to your office. The shallow spikes and traditional shape make this office plant a fashionable statement.

Guzmania This show stopper of a plant is very colourful and makes an excellent statement whether on its own or used as part of a planted office display. Being very versatile and beautiful has made this office plant very popular and has a huge impact on visitors to your office.

Calathea Sometimes called ‘Prayer Plants’ or ‘Zebra Plants’ the Calathea species are very popular with indoor office plant lovers and have large attractive foliage. Well recognised for their patterned dark green leaves and silver coloured stripes or blotches Calathea’s are well suited to dimly lit office environments.

Aglaonema A very versatile species with the ability to grow in numerous lighting conditions the Aglaonema is another favourite amongst interior landscapers and indoor plant lovers. A relative of the Spathiphyllum and the philodendron families Aglaonema have oval shaped leaves in a variety of green shades. Highly adaptable to any indoor environment the Aglaonema is an ideal plant for the office.

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