Compact Tractor Implements and Their Uses

Compact tractor implements are used in farming on a daily basis by farmers or those that love to garden. Compact tractor implements attach to what is known as a 3-point hitch. Which consists of lift arms that attach to each side of the implement. Here it is called a top link or center link, which levels the implement in a forward or rearward leveling. This article will detail various compact tractor implements and their uses.

Compact Tractor Implements

The box blade is used mostly to move and level dirt, gravel, or whatever you want to spread. This implement can also have rippers attached to the box so that undisturbed soil is made workable. The road blade is used mostly the same way but not useful for leveling.

The tiller implement is very useful in making soil workable. It tills the soil just like a regular walk behind rear tine tiller except it uses the tractor PTO or power take-off by attaching a shaft from the implement to the tractor. This compact tractor implement is great for tilling on a large scale and breaking new ground.

The lift boom is used for lifting heavy material by means of a chain or lift strap. With this tractor implement, you can lift car engines or anything that is not easily lifted by hand.

A post hole digger is used for what it is named. It digs holes for fence posts or small shrubs or trees. This implement also uses the PTO shaft. It comes in handy for those hard to dig holes. If you have any kind of inquiries regarding where and ways to utilize compact tractor attachments, you can contact us at our own page.

The plow implement breaks ground that is undisturbed and eight inches or deeper. Bringing it to the top surface to where it can be worked later by another implement called a disc harrow. The disc harrow cuts the soil using large round flat metal blades that turn and cut the plowed soil as it is being pulled by the tractor.

A yard rake implement is used for moving unwanted debris such as rocks and roots from yards and pastures so grass can be planted.

The seeder/spreader is used for spreading lime, grass seed, and fertilizer. This compact tractor tool also uses the PTO.

As one can see, tractor implements are very useful for farmers and anyone who has a large amount of land that needs to be worked. Choosing the right implements for your needs is vital to maintaining your farm and land.

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