Dock Accessories – The Essentials and The Extras

Sure you like to be out on the open water, guiding your vessel over the waves. But one of the facts of a mariner’s life is you end up spending a lot of your time on the dock. And so does your boat. That said, you need to have a good understanding of dock accessories.

What are the must-haves? How about the extras that can turn your dock into your own open air man cave? And finally, where can you find that perfect dock accessory? The following sets out to answer all of these questions for you.

The essentials

Whether you’re a lifelong mariner or a rookie just getting started, you need to make sure you have the essentials covered. And perhaps the most important accessories out there are dock lifts. Why? Well, when you aren’t using your boat, you need to get it out of the water. Sure it’s made to sail the blue seas, but letting it sit and soak just isn’t good for it. By purchasing a dock lift to securely suspend your boat, you’ll save it from corrosion as well as the damage it could incur from continuously bumping up against the dock. And you’ll also save your dock from damage, for that matter.

You also need to make sure you can properly tie your boat to the dock. With that in mind, dock cleats are another essential dock accessory. Priced anywhere from 5 dollars to 16 dollars each, you’re sure to find a dock cleat to fit any budget. Just make sure you buy cleats that are durable. The last thing you need is one that will crack and allow your boat to float off.

When your boat is up against the dock, it’s inevitable that the two will collide at some point. And sure you can minimize such collisions by purchasing a boat hoist, but your boat has to be in the water at some point. That’s why you need to invest in dock edging and bumpers. These bumpers will ensure you’re your boat doesn’t crack when it hits the dock. Instead, your boat will ricochet off the edging, sparing it of dents.┬áIf you have any concerns with regards to whereby and how to use floating dock, you can speak to us at our website.

The extras

Once you have the above necessities covered, you want to start thinking about the extra dock accessories that will take your boating experience to the next level. One such accessory is the dock box. Dock boxes perform two important functions.

They keep your mooring equipment safe from the weather and theft when you aren’t present.

They keep you from having to carry all of your equipment back and forth each time you use your boat.

Simply put, dock boxes make the mariner’s life much easier.

Dock lights can also take your vessel’s home up a notch. They’re useful for a variety of reasons:

They allow you to work on the dock safely at night.

A well lit dock staves off thieves.

They’re stylish.

Whether for functionality or luxury, you’d be wise to invest in dock lights.

The suppliers

So where do you find all these dock accessories? Easy. Search online for a marine supply company. They’ll make your life easy by allowing you to make your purchases online.

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